Journal Writing

I have been a writer for a long time but I don't consistently offer up my daily word sacrifices to the language gods.

I have dabbled in keeping a daily diary over the years but have never managed it as a long term project.

I would like to change that now.

I want to step into the stream and know the steady drip, drip, drip of putting my thoughts down on the page.

I want to build up my riffing chops and think out loud as a process of working through my thoughts.

I want to foster a practice of grateful contemplation and hone my skills as a wordsmith.

Play Writing

I have been writing a short stage play, adapted from a short-story that I had written previously. It is a fun exercise. It has been a while since a wrote any kind of play. I have to constantly check how the format is supposed to be.

I had read a tip about setting up the styles in Word to match the different format parts of a play. I think I may have to give it a try. Then you can write in whatever program you want. Dump the text into Word. Set each part to its appropriate style, and bing-bang-boom, your done.

When I finish the play, maybe I will write up a short piece on the setup, and workflow.

Discussing Resources

There are a number of great examples of books, by writers, about the craft of writing. I don't know that I will ever be one to join those ranks, but I enjoy sharing my process here.

I will try to set up a page to list all of my favorite resources. Or if you want to discuss resources, or writing you can always email me

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Daily Writing Time

Listened to an interview of John Grisham on the Longform podcast. He spoke about writing one page per day.

To work on it at the same time and place. It sounds like he has done his early in the morning. I know that Hemingway also had often done his writing early in the morning.

I have been waking up earlier, I just need to get up and focus on writing, putting words on the page, as it were.

Journal Entry

The idea hit me the other day to post some thoughts as a letter. 

I may make it a continuing blog theme to post to.

I haven’t worked out a regular posting workflow. It would be nice if I could do something daily, but maybe at least weekly.