Questionable Society

My own suspicion is that the universe is not only [weirder] than we suppose, but [weirder] than we *can* suppose
— J.B.S. Haldane

The universe is an amazing place.


Full of wonder and energy.


Yet we waste our time arguing past one another.

The universe is an amazing place.1.png

Attacking beliefs and ideas, instead of trying to understand each other, and who we really are.

The universe is an amazing.png

There is great beauty in the universe.


From the massive, to the microscopic.


There are also things swirling at this moment.


Scientific discoveries.


Political upheaval.


Civil unrest.

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People are finding their voices like never before.


We need to be able to talk about all of it.


To have discussions.


To ask questions.


To do that over and over. 


We may not find all the answers.


But we may find some.


We can join the great stream of thinkers, dreamers, talkers, and complainers.

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Welcome to the Questionable Society.


Where questions are welcome as we muddle through this world, this universe, and this life.


Come inside.


There's a space saved just for you.

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Questionable Contact

If you have a question.

If you don't have a question.

If you need directions.

If you need a hug, maybe that's too far. We'll figure something out.


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Questionable Info

A gathering of questions, and questioners. 

Stories, books, websites, podcasts, writing, etc. 

Resources worthy of a society most questionable.

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Questionable Blog

A collection of questionable writing, some questionable questions, and possibly some questionable rants.

Perhaps even a little society.

This Universe that we live in is a questionable place.