Just Keep Rockin' a Barstool

© 2015 & 2017
By Vosco Rash

‘Not one with the ladies, eh?’
‘I said’
‘I know what you said, I… what did you mean by it’
‘Well I saw you make your move but you chickened out at the last second. So I figure you don’t have much luck with the ladies.’
‘As if it were any of your business but thank you, I am a bit awkward when it comes to the fairer sex.’
‘You know what your problem is’
‘If I did I wouldn’t be talking with you but rather talking to that young lady over there’ A small chuckle, ‘I suppose you’re right. But as I was saying, your problem is that you don’t have enough confidence.’
‘That’s it’
‘That’s it; all you have to do it go talk to her. The worse that can happen is that she won’t want to talk to you.’
‘So that’s your advice after watching me freeze up not more than a few minutes ago.’ ‘Were you hoping for some deep words of wisdom.’
‘I suppose I thought maybe you had at least some profound life lesson.’
‘Well what do you expect, I’m sitting at the bar enjoying a game and you are trying to hit on a waitress. Not much room for life changing guidance.’
‘Yeah, I’m getting that.’
‘So, gonna try again.'
‘If it helps, she smiled at you.’
‘It might… it just might.’
Turk takes a deep breath and looks around for her. This particular woman is Dez, a server at the local Applebee’s. He first became aware of her when she served him and he couldn’t get her out of his head since. He didn’t really meet her because she doesn’t know his name and he doesn’t know anything about her besides that she works at the restaurant and that her name is Dezeray.
She has really pretty eyes and a smile that goes straight to Turk’s heart. It’s not as though he’s obsessed but he just wants the opportunity to talk to her and let her know how pretty she is. Maybe then she would give him a chance to become more familiar. Just friends at first, no reason to rush into things. He just has a strong desire to know everything there is to know about her. The only problem is that first hurdle of talking to her.
The man at the bar made it sound so simple. There she is wrapping silverware in napkins and talking to another server. That smile again, very disarming, filling the corner of the restaurant. Turk just wants to melt into the bar and slink away. He feels a hand on his back as he is pushed into his first steps toward her.
‘Just be confident.’
He takes a few more steps as his mind races with what to say. He can feel the words bunching up in his throat and filling his stomach or maybe that was the Dr. Pepper he was nursing at the bar with a little liquid courage for good measure. He draws nearer to the table and as he prepares to make contact she looks up at him. She smiles… He smiles… and continues walking toward the bathroom.
Turk stands in front of the sink and runs some water over his hands and splashes some on his face. He stares at himself in the mirror.
‘Confidence. You don’t have any of that… Come on the worse that can happen is that she won’t want to talk to you… What do you know, maybe that’s bad enough… Just get out there and give it a shot… And don’t puke on her… Thanks for the vote of confidence.’
After the pep talk he dries his hands and makes his way back out into the restaurant. As soon as he steps through the door he can see that she is no longer seated at the table in the corner. Suddenly Turk’s mind is filled with thoughts of missed opportunities. Did she leave, had he missed his chance, where might she be, should he walk outside and see if she was heading for her car. He is so deep in thought that he almost ran into one of the employees.
Before he realizes she smiles and he almost chokes on his tongue. All that comes out is a gurgling noise and some coughing.
‘Are you gonna be okay. I didn’t mean to startle you but if you’d pay more attention.’ Another smile. ‘The walkway is not for daydreaming.’
Turk tries to regain his composure. ‘What… daydreaming.’
‘Well you were pretty deep in thought and since this isn’t the type of place for deep meditation I just assumed daydreaming.’ A small giggle accompanies the smile and a flash from the eyes. ‘My name is Dezeray.’
She waits a few seconds as Turk stares blankly.
‘And yours is.’
‘Mine is… oh sorry, Turk… Mine’s Turk… That’s my name I mean… Turk.
‘Yeah I think I got that. Would you like to sit down. Maybe relax a bit, you seem a bit tense.’
‘I’m just a bit nervous.’
‘Nervous about what.’
‘Meeting you… ‘
‘I don’t understand.’
‘I’m sorry, it’s hard to explain… I’ve been in a few times recently and you served me and I got it in my head that I would like to meet you… Ask you to hang out… Get to know you. I hope that’s not creepy.’
‘I suppose it could viewed that way but you seem harmless enough, although those always seem to be the ones you have to watch out for.’
‘I promise that I have no other motives than to just know you and hang out. You just seem like a nice person that would be easy to get along with fun to be with.’
‘So what if I don’t agree.’
‘I guess I go home and cry myself to sleep.’
‘Well I haven’t decided anything yet.’
‘I was just kidding by the way…about crying myself to sleep I mean’
‘I’m sure you were…’ The smile and a slight brush of his hand.
‘So what’s it gonna take for you to decide.’
‘What’s your rush you’ve been sitting at the bar and hanging out in the bathroom and only just talked to me because you almost ran me over… so I think you can handle some deliberation at this point.’
‘I suppose that’s fair… so have you been checking me out all night too.’
‘Well we tend to notice when someone is staring at us, even if they are trying to hide it. We even tip each other off to it if we notice someone watching one of us.’
‘So was I that obvious.’
‘At first it was just once and a while but it progressed. It seemed obvious that you wanted to get my attention with out just yelling out across the restaurant.’
Turk rubs his hands back and forth across his head and sighs.
‘I’m sorry if that made you feel uncomfortable but you are very pretty and I just wanted to talk to you but I didn’t know how and I kept thinking that if you saw me looking at you that you might just come over and want to talk. As if I could draw you in with a look. Pretty lame I guess.’
‘Not so much; although maybe next time you should try talking instead of a double dose of staring.’
‘I’ll make a note of that.’
‘You’re a funny guy.’
‘So does that mean you interested.’
‘Could be…’
‘Well I guess if you need more time…’
Pulling out a pen and scribbling on a napkin.
‘Here’s my phone number, if you make a decision feel free to give me a call. I usually stay up late.’
With that Turk turns and walks toward the front door. He pushes through both doors and as he reaches the sidewalk outside he feels a vibration in his front pocket. He pulls the phone out. The display shows a number he has not seen before.
‘So are you coming back in.’
‘That was quick.’
‘I figure I can make a final decision after a small amount of sampling.’
Turk smiles and turns back towards the restaurant.